Zurvivor Alliance
Season Solomon Islands
Founder Zach

Remained Loyal:

Zach (Day 3-present)

Kaeden (Day 3-present)

Max (Day 3-present)

Emma (Day 3-present)

Sam (Day 3-present)






Cindy (Day 7-present)

Day Formed Day 3




Lowest Placing Member Zach (9/16)
Highest Placing Member TBA

The Zurvivor Alliance was the majority alliance comprised of original Sikai members. The alliance consisted of Zach, Emma, Max, Kaeden, and Sam. The alliance was voted into existence by the voters who did not compete in the show.

After warming up to the rest of their tribe members, the alliance decided to take in Cindy as a member.



The alliance began at the request of Zach. He asked the voters to support this alliance to get it into action. After some time, it was finally approved by the fans. Cindy was later brought into the alliance on Day 7 for helping out and having a budding friendship with its members.

Trouble on Day 5Edit

The alliance began to grow apart after Zach announced the alliance outloud. He was able to quickly gain their trust back by single-handedly building a leak-proof shelter for the tribe.

Tribe SwapEdit

When the tribes were rearranged, some of the alliance members were placed on the Ulawa tribe. Their situation in the alliance is unknown.

The alliance finally affected gameplay during the fourth tribal council by having its three remaining members working together to vote out Kacey and save Zach.


  • This is the first alliance in Survivor User Games history.
    • It is also the first majority alliance.
  • The alliance was named by Cindy.

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