This is the very first vote!! This vote will be on the tribes. First off, I want to say what I am calling anybody. If you prefer another name, please tell me:

DevynC2- Devyn

Kaffe4200- Kaffe

Survivorfan13- Max

XxXMidget in a BikiniXxX- Emma

Toast With The Most- Toast

Yui Nii-san- Kacey

Holeseditor28- Courtney

OrangeBirdMaster2- Orange

Kuzuri- Skittle

Bilssfully Mine- Autumn

Nightlock Kryptonite- Sam


Sliemy1- Sliemy

Rockstar 1514- Angeleo

Zurvivor- Zach

Tyler Bungard- Tyler

So, for this vote (only VIEWERS can vote), you will be deciding what the tribes are. Pick from a, b, or c. Here are your options:


Guad (orange): Kacey, Devyn, Angeleo, Tyler, Courtney, Max, Orange, Toast

Mala (indigo): Emma, Skittle, Autumn, Cindy, Sam, Kaffe, Sliemy, Zach


Sikai (blue): Emma, Sam, Skittle, Autumn, Toast, Max, Cindy, Zach

Ulawa (red): Sliemy, Tyler, Angeleo, Kaffe, Kacey, Courtney, Orange, Devyn


Ontong (green)- Orange, Sam, Zach, Kacey, Devyn, Courtney, Sliemy, Tyler

Mono (maroon)- Emma, Skittle, Angeleo, Max, Autumn, Toast, Cindy, Kaffe

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