This is another vote. Today, the users will vote between...

Three options that'll decide the switched tribes, that's right! A tribe switch! And since there is an odd number, I did a random chooser and one lucky person will go to exile...and that luck person is...

Max!!! He will go on whichever tribe loses next after the next vote.

So, here are the tribe options:


Sikai: Zach, Emma, Orange, Kacey, Sam, Toast

Ulawa: Autumn, Angeleo, Cindy, Skittle, Mike, Kaffe


Sikai: Mike, Emma, Sam, Kaffe, Toast, Cindy

Ulawa: Skittle, Zach, Autumn, Orange, Angeleo, Kacey


Sikai: Kacey, Autumn, Cindy, Toast, Skittle, Zach

Ulawa: Sam, Orange, Angeleo, Kaffe, Mike, Emma

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