Kaffe4200, aka Kaffe, is a contestant on Survivor: Solomon Islands.


Contestant Profile

Birthdate   _____ _, ____ (age __)

Country            ___

Occupation    _____

Solomon Islands

Tribe(s)           Ulawa

Placement      6/16

Challenges won  5

Vote(s) Against   7

Survivor: Solomon IslandsEdit


Kaffe entered Survivor: Solomon Islands on the Ulawa tribe. Ulawa lost the first immunity challenge and voted out Devyn. Ulawa won the reward challenge, but lost the next immunity challenge.

Voted Against HistoryEdit


Votes Against Kaffe

1 -
2 Tyler
3 Courtney
4 Ulawa Tribe Immune
5 Ulawa Tribe Immune
6 -
7 -
8 Individual Immunity
9 No Tribal Council
10 -
11 Cindy, Emma, Kaeden, Sam, Toast
Voted Out, Day 32


  • Kaffe was the first contestant to receive votes in more than one tribal council.
  • Kaffe is the first male contestant to win individual immunity.
    • He is also the first contestant to win more than one individual challenge.
  • Kaffe is the last remaining member of the original Ulawa tribe.

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